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“Cryologic” Cold Supply Chain Manuals   Basic Library “Cryologic on-line”  

For those wishing to “deepen” in cold chain matters, there is a very careful selection of Manuals, specially designed for people that wish to take a quick and scientific learning.
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“Cryologic” Training

Cryologic offers specialized electronic presentations, for various subjects concerning Industrial Refrigeration and Cold Logistics. Ad hoc seminars are also organized periodically.
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Basic Library “Cryologic” is an offer of Cryologic to its members. It contains a careful selection of articles concerning Industrial Refrigeration and Cold Logistics.
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“Cryologic” Special Topics

“Cryologic” Special topics is a careful selection of Cold Chain subjects, from industrial Refrigeration, to Cold Logistics Procedures and Profitability, for quick learning on material not easily traced on usual bibliography. See more >